Falcon Fund

Every year, FVPTA and FVEEF hold a donation and membership drive to fund enrichment programs like science, visual & performing arts, music, library, and art. The total cost per year for current programs is $130,000. The PTA and EEF are asking families to support these programs and by donating  $300 per child, which includes a $20 PTA family membership.

Please make your annual Falcon Fund donation of $300 per student by September 16th to continue funding enrichment programs at FV!
$100 for PTA programs (includes PTA membership) , $200 for EEF consultants/staff
Membership includes:

  • PTA Membership for two adults
  • School Directory
  • One free Wristband for the Back to School Social
  • One free Wristband for the Spring Carnival
  • Free entrance to Family Movie Nights

If you can't give at these suggested levels, please give what you can! Every donation is needed and appreciated. 

Many companies (e.g. Pfizer, Qualcom) will match your donation - please check with your employer!


Yes! I want to keep enrichment programs like science and Performing Arts at Flora Vista

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To be in compliance with charitable giving guidelines it is necessary to donate separately to the EEF and PTA.

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